Go Caffé


Black Selection

Go Caffè line comes from the pursuit of excellence. Dedicated to those want to taste the best of coffee. A high quality blend, made from the best varieties of Arabica coffees, for a cup with remarkable aftertaste, brindle appearance, sweet and persistent flavour. The perfect choice of the high level cafeteria and catering, which dedicate to this coffee the care and competence it requires to achieve its full potential, the privilege to offer its clients an exclusive cup that leaves an unforgettable memory will obtain.

Dek Cialde Decaffeinato

Soft and velvety coffee with a caffeine content not exceeding 0.1%. A coffee ready-to-use, practical and ideal for espresso, for consumption at home, at work and at the bar. The heart thanks!

Pods Black Selection

One-cup capsules of ground roasted coffee for espresso machines. The capsule Go Caffè offers every time the right amount and aroma of fresh ground for a cup of espresso pleasantly creamy. Fast, secure and dosed, The capsule offers the invaluable convenience of making and offer a good espresso in many places, even without a professional machines.