Goriziana Caffé


Aroma Classic

   It is a harmonious blend of Arabica and Robusta selected coffees, giving a very creamy coffee, with a pleasant flavour, suitable for those who prefer a strong taste. A classic Italian espresso with a full-flavoured cup, with all the characteristics to be famous in the world.

Aroma Piu

   A quality blend with a full and exclusive aroma and a balanced taste, obtained with a high content of carefully selected Arabica coffees. The presence of high-born robusta coffee guarantees a foam-bodied, rich and persistent. In our view, the excellence of balance. 

Extra Gold

   This mixture, which enhances the best features of a good coffee, is the excellent result of a careful selection of the best quality arabica coffees in the world. The taste is soft, sweet and liqueur, the aroma is "chocolately", the acidity fine and balanced, and an excellent full body meets even the most demanding. At the top of the line "Goriziana", hold the spirit of our passion to "make coffee".


   This is a blend prepared with an adequate content of Minas coffee, which gives the coffee a special flavour, sweet and sour. This blend has been specially created to taste a good cup of Turkish coffee. A coffee to sip and learn to enter into a world "without haste" that we should give us some time.

Pods POD

   A smooth and balanced blend with a high content of arabica coffees for practical and ready-to-use pods, to get the pleasure of an espresso at home as at the bar. Thanks to the single portion packaged in a protective atmosphere, the fragrance and aroma of coffee are not affected by external agents, allowing to obtain the best of taste for each coffee.